Monday, February 4, 2013

Beware of Injury Scams

Any time there is a lull in the United States economy, or any regional economy -- for that matter -- scam artists and criminals of all types begin to come out of the woodwork in droves. Looking for a quick buck, these criminals will try nearly any type of scam to defraud you, your insurance companies, your place of business, your property owners, or anyone else.

Pittsburgh injury attorneys that protect from fraud see cases like these all of the time. Most often, they see scams that involve creating car accidents in order to claim injury and pain, and in-turn get money from the insurance companies involved. While this is highly illegal, it is sometimes difficult to prove that a victim caused the crash in order to defraud. Bowers Ross Fawcett injury attorneys have had years of experience in prosecuting those that are suspected of insurance fraud. They have devised tactics and experience that allows them to bring the true light of the incident to the surface, save the innocent from incurring penalties, and advance prosecution on the perpetrator for their crimes.

Car accidents are not the only type of insurance scam that these individuals use, however. Bowers Ross Fawcett also warns against these same scammers who try these techniques in front of homes and businesses as well -- usually claiming that a crack, or piece of litter or something caused them to trip and fall and injure themselves.

Whether or not an injury case is potentially a scam, or is legitimate, it is always best to refer to an injury attorney right away if someone is threatening legal action against you or your insurance.


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