Friday, December 21, 2012

First Sober Christmas

I feel good today. I can say that today, but I couldn't say it only a few short months ago. For several years, I woke up every day of my life and noticed: "I feel really bad today." Every day was the same, addiction left me feeling terrible all the time. When you feel like that all the time, you really don't care if some traumatic and unforeseen event ripped at you at left you dead. In-fact, when you are addicted, you sometimes pray for death.

Earlier this year I made the decision to quit drinking and doing drugs, and check myself into a drug rehab near Los Angeles. The decision to do this was the best decision I have ever made. My life has changed in so many ways the past few months, and it has all been a change for the better. I feel great every day that I wake up, and I am happy to be alive.

All of this joy and happiness is very wonderful, let me tell you, but that doesn't mean that my struggle with addiction is completely over. There are many times when, even though I have successfully made it through my drug rehab program, I still get uncontrollable urges to throw away the teachings of my 12 step recovery program, and simply use drugs and alcohol.

This is a strange feeling, because even though I know that it will only lead me to feeling terrible all the time, I still crave it. Even though it will ruin all I have worked for, I still crave it. Even though I know that it will make things very bad, and has no good to offer, I still crave it. This -- in my eyes -- is what makes drugs and alcohol so dangerous; even though we realize drugs and alcohol are 100% pure evil, we are still intrigued by, and strive for them.

As I am set to endure my first sober Christmas in years, I am trying to remain calm, happy, and healthy. I am both hesitant and confident, but I think that with the strength and support from my family, this Christmas will be a very happy and sober time that I can enjoy and remember throughout my life.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Perfect Neighborhood Home

When it comes to choosing the perfect neighborhood or area for your family to live in, there are many things that should be considered. Safety, closeness and ratings of schools, commute times; all of these things should be considered before you begin your search for the perfect family home.

Gilbert, Arizona has long been the preferred destination for homeowners, and now is the perfect time to be searching this area for your next home. The prices of real estate in Gilbert, AZ have been declining since the housing market bubble burst in 2007. Nowadays, you can get a beautiful family home in Gilbert for pennies on the dollar of the 2007 prices.

If you are searching for Gilbert real estate, contact AZ Home Info Source, the authority on homes in the Southeast Valley of Phoenix, Arizona. Visit them online at:

Prescription Addiction, and Treatment

In 2008, deaths from overdose, involving prescription drugs, had risen to an all-time high of 14,800. The epidemic of prescription drug abuse and addiction has grown to shocking levels since the year 2000, with some states seeing 1600% rises!

For those suffering with addiction, there is hope through treatment. Above It All Treatment, a drug rehab in CA, treats prescription addiction through the 12 step method, offering addicts a fighting chance at successful sobriety.

To learn more about Above It All, their philosophy, treatment options, and availability; visit them online at:

Friday, December 14, 2012

Vitamines to Promote Health and Well-Being

Vitamins are essential to overall health for young and old alike. Depending on your specific dietary habits, you may either not be getting enough of a certain essential vitamin or enzyme, or your mody may not be able to produce certain chemicals and enzymes at all. This is why it is so important to keep your body balanced; this can be achieved in two ways: either you change your diet to allow more nutrients to be ingested, or you can supplement your intake with supplements from Super Vits.

Super Vits is an online marketplace for everything you need to supplement your health. Not only can these Now Vitamins promote health and supplement you with vitamins that may be deficient in your system, but their products can also strengthen immunity and prevent you from getting sick throughout the year. Super Vits is an authorized seller of such products as:

  • Now Vitamins
  • New Chapter
  • Genacol
  • Enzymedica
  • Bioastin
  • Gabatrol
  • Curamin
  • Cellfood
  • And More...

To get your health jump-started, contact Super Vits today and browse through their massive selection in the online store. Visit for more information.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Window Treatments Bring Rooms To Life

Have you ever walked into a room and felt warm all over, safe, and comfortable? What was it about that room that changed your mood so quickly and so effectively? Most likely, the room's aesthetics were complete; the vibe of the room is full-circle, from the walls to the furniture, to the picture frames, to the ceiling. No stone has been left unturned in this room.

Getting rooms in your home to exude this warm and inviting feeling takes quite a few steps, including color selections, style, and nailing down the organic flow-through of the room (Feng Shui). But it is not impossible for your favorite room to have this magnetic attraction, and you can get one step closer by simply analyzing the window treatments of the room.

How do your windows look? A little bland? Under-dressed? So many homeowners and even designers often overlook the true potential of a window. The truth is, as a light source, this portal in the wall has enough potential to rival even the most elaborate lamp and shade set. Long Island blinds, cornices, curtains, or heavy drapes can all be applied to the window to liven it up a bit.

Even the smallest touches can add a little flare to these boxy portals; a simple and light, yet colorful curtain from Hunter Douglas Long Island can add that perfect accent to a window, and as light breathes through the material, add that warmth that was previously missing in your room.

For more ideas and suggestions, visit Long Island Window Treatments online at:

Success for the New Year and Beyond

As we are jetting ever-quickly toward 2013, we have a spring semester of school that we must think about as parents; not only for our own sanity, but for our children's well-being as well.

Making sure that our children excel and succeed in the next semester has a lot to do with obedience, focus, and self esteem. If any of these qualities are missing in your little students, there are options with instilling them now, before their schoolwork begins to suffer.

Early Education Pros is a tutoring program than knows the need to teach students discipline and focus, but also knows how to teach them to enjoy their education.With Iowa, Pittsburgh, and Connecticut day care programs and early childhood education programs, Early Education Pros seeks to enroll new students for its spring classes, as it is the belief that a strong finish to this school year will provide a strong next year.

Early Education Pros is accepting students currently for any and all of its programs including its Iowa preschool program, as well as programs for older students. Students of all ages and learning abilities can learn both life lessons, as well as lessons in their general studies.

Building confidence is important in any child, but can have some great, positive effects on their studies, as well as in their personal lives. Visit Early Education Pros today to learn more about available programs, locations, or to learn more about Earl Education Pros.

Kids Karate Classes for the New Year

Well moms, you have made it through the first half of the school year, and in 2013 you will be sliding down the other side.

In the new year, it is a very good idea to keep the kids busy with plenty of healthy and positive projects and/or after school activities. You may have kids that signed up for activities for the fall, and either did not fit in well with them, or have decided to move on to their next activity.

Martial arts programs are a perfect fit for kids in the new year. Elite Defense Systems, and their Rockford mixed martial arts programs not only teach kids self defense skills, but also instills within them values and morals that are great life lessons as well.

To learn more about the programs Elite Defense Systems offers, call them at 1-877-337-1877, or visit them online at:

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Roof Above Your Family's Heads

Home is where the heart is... And the roof above protects your home from outside influences such as weather, precipitation, and even animals.

With all that your roof does for you, it is essential to pay back the favor once in a while; this is as simple as having an annual inspection to check for your roof's overall health and stability. Throughout the year, as the roof is getting hammered by the elements, damage may occur, though may not be visible. Only a thorough inspection can find any problems or weaknesses in the structure.

If a problem is found, repairs are usually fairly cheap, and may require little more than replacement roofing products. Wholesale roofing supplies store are usually very helpful in this area and can often even provide you with a verified contractor that can handle the labor end of things.

Roofer Supply is a roofing company based in Utah that can help with all of your roofing needs. From replacement materials to contractor referral to rooftop delivery.

Contact Roofers Supply today at or stop by one of their 5 convenient locations:

|Roofers Salt Lake City|

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|Roofers Cedar City|

|Roofers St George|

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Addiction Treatment News and Articles

Whether you are in the behavioral health industry, a doctor, or even just a parent that needs to keep current on what is happening when it comes to drugs and the social culture your kids are immersed in, Addiction Treatment Magazine is the destination for you. Covering all aspects drug abuse and the treatment of addiction side, this online magazine has stories, articles, news, and other content that both entertains and informs.

Times and social situations in the United States are changing quite rapidly, and so are the drugs that teens and younger are experimenting with; some of these drugs are dangerous to our children because they can by them at a store, rather than from a drug dealer. Not only does this magazine explain the warning signs to watch out for, but also gives a thorough list of addiction treatment services for the specific needs of those requiring treatment.

All aspects of addiction are covered in frequently updated content and coverage, from opiate abuse to addiction of alcohol. Raising important questions and concerns is not only important for parents, but also important for any member of society, as the issues do truly concern all of us.

Click here for Addiction Treatment Magazine

Friday, November 30, 2012

A Promise Before The New Year

It is a custom for Americans to make a promise for the new year, often this promise is to eat healthier, lose weight, exercise more, etc. The theory for making this promise in the New Year is that it will be a fresh start and one will be more motivated to make a change. However, this often tends to not be the case.

The problem with the New Year's resolution, is that all of the fun and excitement of the holidays has come to pass, the weather is still dreary, and there is not a whole lot look forward to in the New Year. By starting a healthy diet early, you can get going on the path to a healthier you early. The excitement of family activities and holiday cheer will keep you powering through your new plan, and by the time the New Year comes, you will already be seeing the first results. Following this different strategy is a great weight loss program for women or men alike.

While this model is good for time-frames, you will still need to find a specific diet, overeating plan, or other types of weight loss plans to help give you a clear and concise path toward your goal. Hungry Heart is one such company that offers various programs that can be tailored to your specific needs; whether you suffer from binge eating, emotional eating, or other special needs, Hungry Heart can help.

Learn more about these special diet programs at:

Treatment for Teen Drug and Alcohol Use

Abuse of drugs and alcohol is a dangerous thing in individuals of any age, but is even more dangerous for teenagers, as they are still in the cusp of the developmental years. During this time, the brain is still hard-wiring itself, and the possibility of teens being hard-wired for chemical dependency is a very real and frightening possibility.

Kids in the 13 - 18 year old range have an unusually high risk of addiction to drugs and alcohol that can develop within a very short amount of time. The age group may become addicted to a substance after use of a drug or alcohol only once. This is why seeking treatment for teens -- at an early stage -- is so important.

12 step treatment centers are seeing an increased number in teens entering rehab in the past few years. The frightening thing about this, is that they are entering rehab for extremely dangerous chemicals, such as methamphetamine, heroin, and Oxycontin.

If you suspect that your teens are using drugs and/or alcohol, it is essential to seek the help of a drug counselor in order to verify whether or not the problem is advanced enough to necessitate a 12 step addiction recovery program.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Caring Treatment for Dual-Diagnosis Addiction Treatment

A dual diagnosis is defined as a predominate diagnosis -- in this case addiction -- that negatively works in-tandem with an underlying issue. This underlying issue could be anything from depression, repressed memories, mental diseases, or even undiagnosed physical conditions; this underlying issue acts as a catalyst and can even provoke or worsen the chemical dependency itself.

In treating a dual diagnosis involving addiction, the underlying condition must be identified and addressed to ensure that a treatment of the addiction will be successful -- otherwise, only half of the addiction is being treated.

New Dawn Treatment Center, with its dual diagnosis residential treatment programs, understands this concept very well, and strives to treat its patients on all levels.

With four locations in and around the Bay Area of San Francisco -- in Northern California -- New Dawn can successfully treat the problem of addiction in patients, as well as dual, triple, or even quadruple-diagnoses.

For more information on New Dawn or their programs and availability, visit their official website:

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Window Treatments, A Forgotton Staple

You know that feeling when you are designing a room and it feels like something is missing? You  can't quite put your finger on it, but the room needs a certain added element to really set it off.

90% of the time, that missing element is -- or can be solved with -- simple window treatments. Window treatments, valances, and drapes are the most overlooked items when it comes to interior design. Many people often feel that the task of picking out window treatments is a bit daunting, citing then many options and a lack of fabric knowledge as the prime factor that keeps them hesitant about delving into this aspect of design.

There is no need to hold fear for picking out window treatments, there are many businesses out there that specialize in just such design elements. LIWTS is one such business that specializes in window treatments in Long Island, NY. With the expertise of a professional that works directly with you, one can easily find the perfect colors, shades, and styles that will literally wrap the entire aesthetic of your room in a handsome bow.

To learn about new fabrics, styles and brands such as Hunter Douglas Long Island, visit LIWTS at:

Monday, November 12, 2012

Life is a Ride, Make it Count

Fall-Winter season is typically a rough patch for a lot of people. This is the time of year when the previous months are beginning to catch up with everyone. Finances, work issues, family problems... it all seems to come to ahead in the waning days of the year.

With this in mind, take some time out of your day to relax and remember to be thankful for all that you have.

Post Mastectomy Breast Implants

Mastectomies and double mastectomies are the lifesaving operations performed to remove a woman's breasts after the diagnosis of breast cancer. Double mastectomies are also often performed when a woman has not yet been diagnosed with breast cancer, but is in extremely high risk of developing the disease.

The complete removal off a woman's breast may be an operation that saves that woman's life, but it does also have its negative repercussions. Quite often, women endure many negative psychological effects from the loss of their breasts. Breasts are the symbol of womanhood, and often times women can have feelings of inadequacy post-mastectomy; for these women, breast implants may be an option in restoring their self-confidence.

Rocklin Cosmetic Surgery performs many breast augmentations in Sacramento for those who have had mastectomies. The goal in these surgeries is not only to repair the physical altering caused by the mastectomy, but also to restore confidence to these women, and simply make them feel like a whole woman again.

Rocklin stresses that the psychological benefits of cosmetic surgery can be found in other procedures as well, including cellulite treatments, laser liposuction, and even skin tightening.

Located in Sacramento, California, Rocklin Cosmetic Surgery is well respected in the medical community and offers a high level of caring along with their surgical expertise, and strives to give renewed confidence to all of their patients.

To view services, testimonials, and pricing, view their official website at:

Thursday, October 25, 2012

12 Steps to Sobriety

One of the most tried and true techniques for achieving sobriety and healthy living is the 12 step recovery program. The success rates for beating addiction via the 12 step method tend to be much higher than many other program techniques. There are many reasons that 12 step programs are successful, but above all, the steps offer clear path to success. With the path laid out in plain view and well lit, it is easier to stay on that path all the way to the end.

Above It All Treatment Center offers numerous 12 step addiction recovery programs in California and accepts patients from all around the country and world.

"Follow the path, be successful, live healthy."

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Affordable eating disorder treatment center in California - they have a treatment center in Roseville:

Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday, on the Road For Work

Feeling a little lonely traveling by mylself :(


Friday, August 10, 2012

Traveling to NY for work

So we are officially going to NY next month for a series of corporate events. I have some planning to do, but it isn't so bad. I went with PlanitCity for the planning. They take care of nearly everything for me.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Beautiful Picture to Inspire Your Day

Three Rivers, CA

Monday, August 6, 2012

What a Great Shipping Company!

Just got received this this morning... That means that my packages are on the way. Yay! I love that Courier Connection keeps you informed...

Thursday, July 26, 2012



Awesome Company

Been research some companies and came across Volante Systems which seriously is an AMAZING company! I highly recommend researching them!


Loving life and loving the challenges...i have a friend who is not so lucky....she is really depressed and down on her current relationship! My goal is to change her attitude and ditch the dude cause you shouln't be with anyone that makes you feel less about yourself.!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy Tuesday


Happy Tuesday!!! Be Successful this morning, and be renting new movies this evening!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Welcome to California - Love, Me

So hey everyone... thanks for reading my pathetic little blog :) I wantede to try my hand at this posterous stuff, share my ideas, thoughts, and ramblings....quick about me in case you don't know me,I am a stay at home mom in Northern California - I love old movies, but the new ones are pretty good too! I am a novice photographer... I use a point and shoot and am not really good, YET :) I love going on bike rides and walks with my kids (who are growing up way too fast!)


And that is me in a nut shell... hope you like my blog:)



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