Monday, January 28, 2013

Addiction Healing, Throughout the Family

Risk for addiction to drugs and/or alcohol can be handed down from parents and anyone else in your genetic line, and if you do have problems with addiction, it is very possible that many of the affects of this are shared throughout the family.

This is why it is so important for addiction treatment and counseling to involve the addicted individual and their family as well. Above It All Treatment Center is a California drug rehab that offers treatment options for alcohol, opiates, cocaine, prescription drugs, and other substances through its family-oriented drug rehab options.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Be Thankful, Even After the Holidays

The best part about the holidays, is when they are over... and you realize just how blessed you are to have a loving family to share your life with.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The New Face of Karate

Years ago, there thousands of different companies offering the exact same basic level karate classes and claiming to truly "teach the art." Today, the majority of those companies have gone away, and quite a few actual "masters" have popped up in the market and are actually teaching the art of martial arts.

Elite Defense Systems goes deep into the history and culture behind karate and other martial arts, teaching their students the benefits of martial arts and teach them how to use the life-skills taught by these programs.

Visit Elite Defense Systems online at:

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Saving Money On Batteries

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One thing that I am constantly trying to do  is to find ways to same a few cents on the "little stuff" that has to be purchased throughout the year. This is true for paper towels, toilet paper, medicines, dry goods, soaps, hygiene products, and hundreds of other items that, when improperly shopped for, can ad cents upon cents until at the end of the year, you end up spending much more than you should have. Buying these items in bulk can easily cut the price per item cost down, and make sure that your home is fully supplied at all times.

Another such product that I always buy in bulk is batteries. Let's face it, no one likes to make a trip to the store just for batteries, and even when you do, grocery stores and other retail stores have such a high markup on these items, that you can easily find yourself paying upwards of $5 per single battery.

Me? I can't bring myself to pay those exorbitant prices for batteries, so I shop at Battery Mart. Battery Mart employs the most knowledgeable of battery and electronic specialists that can help you search out the best deal to meet your needs. Not only do they have watch batteries, 9v, AA, AAA, D, and C batteries, but they even have car and motorcycle batteries (Which comes in handy if you live in a cold area where batteries live short lives).

So if you want to save some real money on batteries, do what I do and stock up for the entire year with one quick stop at:

Friday, January 4, 2013

Medical Imaging Catches Disease Quicker

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Potentially deadly diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and multiple sclerosis are getting much easier to spot in the earlier phases of infection; this is due to the rapidly increasing technology of medical imaging and nuclear medicine services. Medical imaging uses gamma raise, sonic sounds, lasers, and other technologies to map and display images of the human body. These images are then used to diagnose, recognize, and give prognosis for various diseases and maladies. By catching these diseases early on, treatments can be more effective, and can promote remission and even cures.

Of the most popular machines and types of imaging used in most hospitals and medical centers across the United States, there are a few that stand out as staples, for their brilliant imaging capabilities.

  • CT Scanners
  • Gamma Cameras
  • PET Scanners
  • Cardiac PETs
  • Siemens ECAM
  • Cardio MD
  • Biograph 16
 As these devices and scanners become more prevalent in medical centers, the overall cost of purchasing and maintaining and servicing the machines begins to drop. When the price of the machines drop, the price of the individual medical scans, pictures, or reports also go down. When the price of scans drops, then scans become more affordable for patients, and more patients will receive medical scans more often. This will greatly affect the number of patients who are diagnosed with potentially terminal diseases at an early enough time to allow for successful treatment.

For more information, visit Southwestern Imaging online:

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christian Rehab that Treats the Entire Family

Addiction to drugs and/or alcohol is a devastatingly difficult time for any individual, but can be especially hard for an addict that is also struggling with how addiction has affected his/her faith. Battling the moral and spiritual issues that come along with addiction can be a touchy situation, and must be handled with care, as the fragility of the person is in danger, but also the fragility of the soul.

When issues of faith come into play with addiction, the best possible scenario is for that individual to enter into a Christian drug rehab program, as the counselors and medical professionals involved in the process have an understanding of faith-based healing ideals. Treatment and recovery through a Christian drug rehab allows for the individual to begin the journey to sobriety with the loving values of Christ's teachings, and also allows the entire family to come together and become involved in the addicted individual's recovery.

A supporting hand in supporting young adults and kids with a sibling in rehab, these faith-based program options help younger individuals cope with the things they may have seen or heard throughout the times of drug abuse, and also help them to understand how the recovery process works, and what to expect during and after their siblings' recovery. This is beneficial to younger individuals who may have become confused, or have questions about what is happening in their loved ones' lives; the most popular question from children ages 6 - 15 years old being, "Why do addicts lie?"

To learn more about Christian drug rehab, other faith-based recovery programs, treatment options, and the values and strategies involved with Christian rehab, visit:

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Drugs: An Ever-Present Danger in Schools

In the wake of the recent school shooting at Sandy Hook elementary in Newtown Connecticut, many are questioning the safety of students in educational settings and facilities. While these questions about safety pertain mostly to the danger proposed by the mentally ill and those possessing guns, there is another danger that lurks within school walls, and has been present for a great many decades.

Drugs and drug culture tends to center around schools quite naturally. After all, schools are places where ideas and experiences are encouraged to be tested and explored. The danger of this is that while our students convene in this exploratory environment, drugs also have their way of convening here.

Drug counseling programs all around the United States are seeing a growing trend of younger and younger individuals entering treatment for drug abuse, with many seeing ages as young as 8 entering heroin rehab. This has many asking, "Where is the outcry towards this danger, which is just as real and has been inundating schools for years?"

"We should be worrying about guns in our schools," says one parent, "but we should be paying attention to all dangers, not just the ones that are currently popular in news media outlets."

Latest statistics show that 1 in 4 students going from elementary school to middle school have already had an encounter with drugs; additionally, 45% of 9th graders have already experimented with drugs. That is 45% of all of the 9th graders in the country that are toying with substances that have proven to be as deadly as a loaded weapon. With numbers as shocking as these, the statistics demand more protection for our students in the form of prevention and treatment.

For those that are already using drugs at such an early age, there are treatment options through holistic drug rehabs and counseling programs. What is really required, is for the nation to open its eyes and realize that the problem is already inside the schools, and we need to takes steps to alleviate it.

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