Thursday, January 10, 2013

Saving Money On Batteries

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One thing that I am constantly trying to do  is to find ways to same a few cents on the "little stuff" that has to be purchased throughout the year. This is true for paper towels, toilet paper, medicines, dry goods, soaps, hygiene products, and hundreds of other items that, when improperly shopped for, can ad cents upon cents until at the end of the year, you end up spending much more than you should have. Buying these items in bulk can easily cut the price per item cost down, and make sure that your home is fully supplied at all times.

Another such product that I always buy in bulk is batteries. Let's face it, no one likes to make a trip to the store just for batteries, and even when you do, grocery stores and other retail stores have such a high markup on these items, that you can easily find yourself paying upwards of $5 per single battery.

Me? I can't bring myself to pay those exorbitant prices for batteries, so I shop at Battery Mart. Battery Mart employs the most knowledgeable of battery and electronic specialists that can help you search out the best deal to meet your needs. Not only do they have watch batteries, 9v, AA, AAA, D, and C batteries, but they even have car and motorcycle batteries (Which comes in handy if you live in a cold area where batteries live short lives).

So if you want to save some real money on batteries, do what I do and stock up for the entire year with one quick stop at:


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