Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Window Treatments Bring Rooms To Life

Have you ever walked into a room and felt warm all over, safe, and comfortable? What was it about that room that changed your mood so quickly and so effectively? Most likely, the room's aesthetics were complete; the vibe of the room is full-circle, from the walls to the furniture, to the picture frames, to the ceiling. No stone has been left unturned in this room.

Getting rooms in your home to exude this warm and inviting feeling takes quite a few steps, including color selections, style, and nailing down the organic flow-through of the room (Feng Shui). But it is not impossible for your favorite room to have this magnetic attraction, and you can get one step closer by simply analyzing the window treatments of the room.

How do your windows look? A little bland? Under-dressed? So many homeowners and even designers often overlook the true potential of a window. The truth is, as a light source, this portal in the wall has enough potential to rival even the most elaborate lamp and shade set. Long Island blinds, cornices, curtains, or heavy drapes can all be applied to the window to liven it up a bit.

Even the smallest touches can add a little flare to these boxy portals; a simple and light, yet colorful curtain from Hunter Douglas Long Island can add that perfect accent to a window, and as light breathes through the material, add that warmth that was previously missing in your room.

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