Monday, November 19, 2012

Caring Treatment for Dual-Diagnosis Addiction Treatment

A dual diagnosis is defined as a predominate diagnosis -- in this case addiction -- that negatively works in-tandem with an underlying issue. This underlying issue could be anything from depression, repressed memories, mental diseases, or even undiagnosed physical conditions; this underlying issue acts as a catalyst and can even provoke or worsen the chemical dependency itself.

In treating a dual diagnosis involving addiction, the underlying condition must be identified and addressed to ensure that a treatment of the addiction will be successful -- otherwise, only half of the addiction is being treated.

New Dawn Treatment Center, with its dual diagnosis residential treatment programs, understands this concept very well, and strives to treat its patients on all levels.

With four locations in and around the Bay Area of San Francisco -- in Northern California -- New Dawn can successfully treat the problem of addiction in patients, as well as dual, triple, or even quadruple-diagnoses.

For more information on New Dawn or their programs and availability, visit their official website:


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