Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Relaxing evening for MOM

A great way to relax – is a bubble bath – a good book or music – maybe a glass of wine and some quite time.
If you have kids it is hard to get any time to yourself and even harder to find a night to yourself.
I suggest that you arrange things with your husband before hand or even a babysitter. To plan a night where the kids are taken care of and will not bother you – the kids could even be out of the house. Once the kids are taken care of then take time to plan the relaxing night by yourself – make sure it is special to you – even the planning should be special.
Plan what candles you want to use – the wine you want to drink – the music you want to listen to or the book you want to read – the bath oils or bubble bath you want – make sure the fragrance matches the candles.
Then relax and enjoy!!!


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